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Fontana and Riverside Nissan Dealerships

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Posted 07 March 2012 - 03:56 PM

Fontana and Riverside Nissan Dealerships

Fontana Nissan dealership can be found in the beautiful and accomodating city of Fontana, California. Riverside Nissan is in a neighboring city (of Riverside of course) and offers a fairly large inventory of Nissan models. Although I can really only speak for the dealership in Fontana since that is where I purchased my Nissan Altima from, I have heard very nice things about the dealership in Riverside and will possibly visit there one day. Fontana is pretty famous for it's outstanding specials and deals available.

They are offered year round and I really believe that there is something for everyone and everything there. When dealing with Fontana I was treated with a very high level of respect and so was my family. This was very important to me since I have been treated rather poorly at some other dealerships and locations. I am an immigrant from Mexico and (obviously) so is my family. So when i am looking to conduct any sort of business, I am looking for people to look past my hispanic ethnicity and focus on my wants and needs as a customer. I don't quite know why I have been treated so badly at some previous dealerships, but I can say for certain that some people just do not like me because I am not a native of this country. That's fine with me, I'm not really looking for anyones approval. But when I deal with people, I always give them a great amount of respect (even if they don't quite deserve it).

I keep it mind how I would like to be treated and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I'd like to say that my charm rubs off on everyone, but some people just are a bit too stubborn for my tastes. Anyway, I love my Altima and I'm very happy with my purchase from the Nissan dealership in Fontana.

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